The U.S. Ambassador to Spain stands out in the documentary 'Pride of Quisqueya': A Story of Success and Overcoming.

At an emotional evening, Madrid enthusiastically welcomed the premiere of the documentary 'Pride of Quisqueya,' offering a profound and moving look into the real stories that make up the Dominican diaspora. The film explores a complex and dynamic phenomenon, highlighting the global mobility of the population and its ability to enrich the development of both the Dominican Republic and the countries that host it.

The screening, held with great anticipation, featured the distinguished presence of Mrs. Julissa Reynoso, the United States Ambassador to Spain, who actively participates in the documentary by sharing her unique experience. Since her arrival in the United States at the age of seven, Mrs. Reynoso becomes an inspiring example of overcoming challenges and adapting to her new environment. Her successful career as a lawyer and her notable involvement in Hillary Clinton's team in 2008 underscore the positive impact that the Dominican diaspora can achieve on the international stage.

The ambassador emphasizes the remarkable changes and progress that have occurred over the years. Continuous efforts are particularly highlighted to ensure safe access to development for today's children and youth, providing them with new and exciting opportunities. In her closing reflections, Ambassador Julissa Reynoso underscores, 'That is the challenge and the work of all of us,' emphasizing the shared responsibility of building a more prosperous and equitable future for generations to come."

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